Amberdawn Speer

Amberdawn is best known online for her poetry and nature photography. Throughout her community she is known for her advocacy work regarding climate change and systemic injustices. She uses her love of the written word to craft observations and history into songs and poems that she performs in her solo project as Curvy Red Gurl and with her partner as the musical duo "It's A Trade Thing". Amberdawn currently lives in Pueblo Colorado with her partner, eight cats, and blind Staffordshire Terrier. She loves to write, sing, grow food, and make granola, and donates the extra to those in need. Amberdawn helps several neighbors feed a colony of outdoor cats and her hobbies include cleaning up the neighborhood, hiking, percussion, photography, pinup modeling, and making granola. Amberdawn was born in Arizona but spent most of her life in the mountains of Montana where she has a Bachelors Degree in Social Work with an emphasis on Addiction Studies and Trauma from the University of Montana. Although she is currently focused on her career as a writer, singer, and artist she has formerly worked in a variety of settings including healthcare and education.

Amberdawn's Articles

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