Sharee Vaughn

Sharee Vaughn is a combination of business professional and a creative. Her areas of expertise include writing and bilingual translation. On the creative end of the spectrum, she’s a music producer, video producer, and chef. Travel and permaculture are her passions.

Sharee's Articles

A few weeks ago, I was in a car accident that changed everything I do completely. It changed the way I approach […]
Kasim Reed is a name you will continue to hear, not only for his past accolades, but because he is now running […]
Did you know transplanting can destroy your cannabis plant in the process? It all started with my cucumbers.  Within 8 days of […]
Composting and growing plants of any kind comes with its own list of pros and cons. My current dilemma is the invasion […]
For years, I have been doing research on how the consumption of different types of foods such as black beans, coffee, and […]
I have recently discovered that I can be pretty emotional. I did not realize that I liked to maintain a certain level […]