Consumption Lounge

Everyone who has ever tried cannabis, even if they didn’t inhale, is familiar with the term “baked.” It is typically used to describe their post-cannabis use. We have other phrases like: “Time to wake and bake.”, “I’m totally baked.” and the list goes on.

There is of course the act of actually baking, such as cake, pies, etc. Now the question is what if you combine the two together?

Consumption Lounges

Across this great country, in most legalized states, a new trend has come about in the way of consumption cafes. These combine the best of both worlds. You can openly smoke, vape, dab, eat edibles, partake in infused non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages with other enthusiasts, family and friends or just by yourself. Most of these establishments also have dispensaries and actual food menus to ensure you never run out of either one.

Star Power

While many of these establishments are known in their local communities, some of the biggest stars in both movies and music have become entrepreneurs and investors. Woody Harrelson and HBO Real Time host Bill Maher have recently become investors in “Monica’s House” and plan to open up in late summer on Santa Monica Boulevard.

Rapper and business mogul Jay-Z’s parent company bought dispensary Calma in mid-2021. It steps away from the Original Cannabis Cafe, and the rapper’s cannabis brand Monogram is sold on-site.

Finally, Chef Chris Sayegh opened a CBD-oriented restaurant and lounge in Santa Monica earlier this year called Nostalgia, where he utilizes CBD and terpenes in the alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. CBD and terpenes contain the non-psychoactive element of cannabis.

This is by far not a complete list of current consumption lounges, but it shows how popular they are becoming and the potential revenue that can be made. To see if there is a location near you, please check you state’s business directory or conduct a google search for “consumption lounge (Your City or State)” for results.