Belushi's Farm

When it comes to comedy, the Belushi family are legends. From acting to singing and everything in-between, Jim Belushi is a force to be reckoned with. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “After all the fame and success, what could be left for this superstar?” Would you believe me if I said farming?

Jim Belushi is the current owner of a 93-acre farm in Eagle Point, Oregon in which he and his family grow various strains of cannabis, as well as create their very own signature lines of edibles, pre-rolled joints, pet food and custom strains of cannabis and CBD products.

Just when you think Jim cannot possibly top this list of accomplishments, he has merged his love of acting with his farm life in a Discovery channel series titled, “Growing Belushi.” When asked about reality series, Belushi described his show as offering news that cannabis consumers can use. “The new cannabis consumer will learn everything they need to know to have complete confidence in the expanding universe of cannabis — what to buy, what to ask, where to buy it, how to grow it — the testing, the qualities. You’ll be a total cannabis expert after watching this show. We give a whole lot of information with a lot of humor. It’s edutainment.” The series is slated for a second season.

Jim is an active supporter of cannabis legislation and is very vocal on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. He also is known to attend major conventions and cannabis shows as both a vendor and speaker/entertainer. For more information on Jim Belushi’s Farm and Reality Show, check out the links below:

Visit the Belushi’s Farm official site here.

Check out “Growing Belushi” on Discovery+ here.