Las Vegas has exciting news for cannabis lovers. It plans to entice its tourists and residents with lounges geared towards the consumption of cannabis. Seeing as though I’ve frequented Las Vegas several times in the past year alone, I would definitely enjoy the chance to spend some of my free time in a lounge such as this. I can visualize it now. Ambient music, mood lighting, a comfortable lounge chair in an aesthetically appealing environment, and the wonderful world of all things cannabis. 

Prior to the signing and implementation of this new law in Nevada, cannabis consumption was only allowed inside of a private home, making it difficult for renters and tourists to consume cannabis in an otherwise legal environment. The bill behind this change is called Assembly Bill No. 341. It offers some nice perks, such as being able to smoke, vape, and consume cannabis products inside of these public lounges. However, for the average Las Vegas traveler, it may be a disappointment to discover that there will not be any gambling or alcohol allowed in these venues. This legislation was set to begin rollout during the fall of 2021, but there are still some things that need tweaking, such as procedures for responding to odor complaints and additional staff needed to enforce regulations.

It will be interesting to see what types of new creative businesses emerge in the light of this new legislation. I could just imagine frequenting the area’s best cannabis-friendly coworking spaces, consuming cannabis-infused trail mix on a guided hiking tour, or enjoying some of my favorite cannabis products while enjoying a live theatrical performance. Here’s to hope, of course. Let’s see what rolls out next.