Hand trying to get out of barbed fence in nature to reflect cannabis decriminalization

Those of us in this hard-headed state of Texas are eagerly awaiting revolution in the cannabis legislation arena. When, oh when, dear cannabis, will you receive your freedom? But there is a whisper in the distance shouting “Come what May!”

During May 2022, legislators will once again be faced with the decision to give a thumbs up or down for the decriminalization of cannabis in the great state of Texas. As you may already know, medical cannabis laws in the state experienced some updates with the signing of House Bill 1535 in July of 2021. The signing of this legislation extended the list of qualifying conditions, as well as increased the THC percentage for medical cannabis users.

Although this may not be the all-around piece of legislation that adults in Texas are waiting to see, it is certainly a start.  This new ballot initiative was finally permitted by the Austin City of Council, Texas. It aims to prevent local law enforcement from dishing out continued low-level cannabis offense convictions.

As we are steadily barrelling onward into the second half of the first quarter of the year, we all watch with eager anticipation for changes to continue as we keep using our voices and rights to shed light on issues impacting all of us – whether directly or indirectly. Stay tuned for updates.