For years, I have been doing research on how the consumption of different types of foods such as black beans, coffee, and dark chocolate all naturally improve mood in their own ways. For those leaning towards the more natural way in hormone and mood boosting and leveling, I am here to tell you that there is a cannabis extract for you.

I would personally like to introduce you to cannabidiol oil – aka CBD oil. 

A recent conversation with a cannabis consuming mother of four got me thinking. So many women experience a little bit of shame and stigma around their decision to come “out of the closet”, like my fellow writer Alejandra Martinez put it.

An Uber driver even told me just this week that his family is under the impression that anything related to cannabis is an evil to society. A poisonous substance. This is very much not the case.

As a naturally designed anti-depressant, cannabis comes in many forms. 


At its most basic non-psychoactive form, the cannabinoids present in CBD oil – which is derived from the hemp plant directly – has been under extensive scientific research over at least the past decade.

CBD is favorable for medical use in a number of places and it’s users don’t need to worry about having THC in their system. CBD and THC are two (of many) different chemical compounds found in the hemp plant. 

CBD has long been known to alleviate symptoms typical of anxiety and depression

CBD is available as edibles, supplements, and oils. It can be baked with, taken as a tincture, and even applied topically as a cream. It can be added to your coffee, poured into your salad, and used even in your shampoo.

Before you go see the doctor and receive medication with an empty promise of chasing away the gray skies and rain clouds, consider one of nature’s very own remedies – Cannabis – in whichever form is legally available in your local area.