Dakota Corbin

Smoking a joint does not equal bad parenting.

Moms get together for wine all the time. Why not pass a joint too?

It’s 2021 and recreational marijuana is legal in 15 states and medical marijuana is legal in 36 states1 and then eventually the world! What a time to be alive! However, I still feel that mom guilt. The media portrays pot smokers as “lazy”, “unsuccessful” and until recently as “criminals”.

These are not great words to be associated with as a mother.

How about the words: “productive”, “happy” and “mindful”? Or even “inspired”, “motivated” and “patient”?

That’s the mom I am. That ridiculous pothead stigma has to go! I have talked to several moms who’s vice of choice is weed and they are so afraid to talk about it. It’s a shame that it helps so many of us get through our struggles, yet society makes us feel so terrible about it.

After a long day of work, kids, businesses and for some of us dealing with husbands (I’m not even there yet!) it’s perfectly normal to have a glass of wine or beer to unwind. There is no medical purpose for alcohol, nor does anyone need to say why they choose to drink. Yet, when it comes to smoking, there are people that feel the need to ask more questions and judge everything about you based on one activity.

It’s as if the boundaries somehow no longer exist when marijuana is involved. If you are one of these people, judging others, check yourself and your thoughts. Sometimes what we say or think about other people is a reflection of ourselves. If you’re on the receiving end of this criticism, breathe!

Be patient with yourself and don’t let others rain on your parade. You aren’t alone and I’ll be your voice if that’s what you need.

Motherhood is challenging as it is and for those of you that need a glass of wine or a beer, cheers! Drink on, but let us smokers live peacefully in the same space!

Catch me on the greener side.


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