GC Roundtable Episode 3 Transcript: [Speaker: Sharee Vaughn] And today’s topic is on the subject of interviewing people, talking to people, maybe […]
GC Roundtable Episode 2 Transcript: [Speaker: Sharee Vaughn] So, today’s topic is on project recruitment.  How do you source your talent? Where […]
This week’s episode is about your work/life balance.  Do you even have one? … Do you work 9-5? A 12-12? An 8-4?  […]
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The GC Team and it’s affiliates are growing and we are all excited about upcoming projects. There are various remote, flexible, part-time […]
Everyone who follows current legislation knows that marijuana is good for the economy. We also know that, medically, it has been proven […]
[And you will find your content] You have an ebook idea. Or a short film. Perhaps, you have a watercolor masterpiece waiting […]
Las Vegas has exciting news for cannabis lovers. It plans to entice its tourists and residents with lounges geared towards the consumption of […]
Many of us have fond memories of our youth in which we were allowed to purchase our first item from a vending […]
Throughout recorded history, we have seen people pick various crops as a way of making a living or just to provide food […]