We’ve recently experienced a minor victory in the realm of cannabis legislation. If you’ve been following the journey at all, you’ll also […]
Women’s History Month is just about out of the door, along with Daylight Savings Time. In honor of that recognition, and for […]
It’s Women’s History Month and women’s health IS women’s history. The way women have been treated historically by the medical industry and […]
I shared an article several weeks back on the government’s stance in regards to veterans using medical cannabis. In a brief summary, […]
While traveling recently, I noticed that a local gas station had a plethora of CBD beverages available on the shelf. So, you […]
Everyone who follows current legislation knows that marijuana is good for the economy. We also know that, medically, it has been proven […]
Did you know that the hops and cannabis plants are closely related?
Everyone who has ever tried cannabis, even if they didn’t inhale, is familiar with the term “baked.” It is typically used to […]
In comparison, you may notice that these two words, Equity and Equality, mean nothing alike. There meanings are rarely ever seen or […]
When it comes to comedy, the Belushi family are legends. From acting to singing and everything in-between, Jim Belushi is a force […]