I have found myself increasingly frustrated about  Texas and its slow-moving ignorance concerning cannabis. My options?  I can drive 2.5 hours to New Mexico and spend some time there, or I can drive 5 hours to Colorado. But if I want to maintain my reputation and follow the rules then I am reduced to  a feeling of nothingness here in the great state of Texas where my humble opinions haven’t seemed to matter – just yet. Talk about a bummer. 

The only positive thing to note about the Texas cannabis landscape has been the availability of Delta 8 THC in various forms. Well, partially in  thanks to an omission of certain legal terms, Delta 8 was almost outlawed back in October 2021. That was indeed a stressful time for me. Stores stopped selling the cartridges and disposables temporarily. Online sales halted briefly. Any hope that I saw for future positive changes and implementation of cannabis into Texas law shattered – but for a moment. 

Apparently, Texas is not the only place impacted about the uncertainties surrounding the Delta 8 battle. Even Florida is gearing up for potential changes in it’s Delta 8 compounds in an effort to keep them compliant with the potentially changing laws that are upcoming. 

At this time, Delta 8 may still have a fight ahead, but we will keep our eyes peeled for any changes in the legislation information that you need to know the most. Until then, be sure to source your Delta 8 and other cartridges responsibly. Hang in there. This is not over yet.