Equity and Equality

In comparison, you may notice that these two words, Equity and Equality, mean nothing alike. There meanings are rarely ever seen or used together. Below is a description of the basic definition of each word:


Equity supports people differently depending on need, with an eye on proportional representation (race, gender, and more), to achieve greater fairness overall.


Equality treats everyone the same regardless of need. An important difference in cannabis is that without equity first, we will not find equality.

As previously stated, they seem like polar opposites. So why bring it up? Because they do share one thing in common. They both are lacking in the representation of cannabis. In the video below, created by Leafly, the relationship to cannabis in todays news is never more important.

With our upcoming local and national elections approaching, cannabis is a hot topic. Please use your right to vote to help make a difference. Every vote counts.