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Women’s History Month is just about out of the door, along with Daylight Savings Time. In honor of that recognition, and for all of women around the world, I’d like to commend you. It’s the woman’s body that endures the greatest amount of biological changes from puberty through menopause.  That is a tremendous amount of physical, mental, biological, and emotional changes along the way. 

Puberty in girls typically begins between the ages of 9 and 11. However, recent studies and medical reports from around the world are showing that early puberty is becoming more predominant, affecting girls even as young as 6-7 years old.  Having a young daughter, this very thought terrifies me. I personally entered puberty at the age of 11, so I can’t imagine what that would have felt like at only 6 or 7 years old.. The changes that begin to occur impact the brain, various nerve receptors, hormones, sex organs, mental and emotional health, and various physical attributes.

As girls become adolescents and enter physical “maturity”, there are other changes such as pregnancy and menopause along the way. Many of these changes can be aggravating, especially for women suffering from the effects 10, 20, 30+ years into the future and beyond. Fortunately, there is SOME relief and therapy found along the way such as chiropractic care, a “peri zipper treatment” regiment, and CBD therapy – to name a few. 

Research has been formed over the years that continue to prove the positive health effects of cannabis for humankind. Its magnificent ability to improve mood and enhance mental health has led us to a naturally created gold-mine. Dare I even mention the fact that the cannabis industry has  blasted doors wide open for women to enter bodly into entrepreneurism and fill a niche to meet a need? And, if done correctly, legalizing and allowing access to the plant could be an endless supply of gold for many. There’s a large population of people who could benefit from having every aspect of the cannabis plant in their lives. This includes making hemp and marijuana plants accessible in various  forms so that each individual can make their personal choices according to their unique needs and situations.

I heard through the grapevine that there is a bill to be discussed about the federal legalization pertaining to many topics involving cannabis across the nation. To be honest, I don’t even want to hear anything about it until it passes. The feds do what benefits THEM. The state also does what benefits IT. If you live somewhere that actually cares about “We the people”, I’d love to know where that is! We’ll follow up later with more details on what happens with this as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, for women around the nation, as well as Veterans, and other human beings in and out of every state, it is my sincerest desire that the federal government will decide to do the right thing, and AT A MINIMUM allow regulated access to the growing and/or purchase, possession, and consumption of marijuana for all adults 21 years of age and older so that each their own can make their own decisions to use or not to use this very beneficial plant that has been so demonized throughout history. It has been misrepresented and misunderstood, and it’s time to shed the proper light. 

What are your thoughts on the possibility that cannabis could pass federal legislationin the coming days? How do you think States might respond to it, especially since they’ve shown that in the end they will do their own thing. Let’s talk about it. Hit us up on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, in an email, or even on the phone: 806-414-0314 . Until next time, folks. Be sure to have a phenomenal week!