Alyssa Pointer

Kasim Reed is a name you will continue to hear, not only for his past accolades, but because he is now running for a third term in office for his beloved city of Atlanta, Georgia.

The public is on the edge of their seats as it awaits the election and its results later this year. In the midst of the  constantly changing political atmosphere in Atlanta, Reed has already served two terms and is looking ahead with high hopes to serve a third term. Lowering the crime rate, among many others, is another move the former mayor is looking to make.

In reference to cannabis, the mayor’s approach is quite open and simple.

Reed would like to start with the legalization of medical mariujuana, and see how the people handle it first. A start is a start, nonetheless.

During his 2017 term, Reed signed legislation into effect decriminalizing marijuana possession. This very important step reduced the penalty for possessing an ounce or less of cannabis “in the city from $1,000 to $75”. It also removed the possibility of jail time as a potential penalty. 

This was very forward-thinking for its time, and in my opinion gives Reed a leg-up with the supporters of his mayoral campaign. 

As in all things, cannabis is a business. Atlanta – or should we say Georgia specifically – may not quite be ready to embrace it, but Reed’s stance on the industry is to “make sure that Black entrepreneurs are at the table in a real way and not left by the wayside.”

We look forward to seeing continued legislation in support of cannabis legalization, as well as business development and expansion for the cannabis industry in the city of Atlanta.