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This week’s episode is about your work/life balance. 

Do you even have one? …

Do you work 9-5? A 12-12? An 8-4? 

That’s the topic that we’re discussing today. We’d like to know your opinions. 

Let’s talk about taking sick time. Let’s talk about taking personal time off. 

I mean, sometimes you just need a day!

So, whether you are an entrepreneur, or whether you are a telecommuter working for another employer, we’d honestly really like to hear. 

What type of work arrangement do you have that works for you?

What made you decide to take on that type of role along the way to help out your lifestyle?

What value does it bring to you?

Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to this message. 

And just know, that no matter where you are, there we are, too:


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