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GC Roundtable Episode 2 Transcript:

[Speaker: Sharee Vaughn]

So, today’s topic is on project recruitment.

 How do you source your talent? Where do you go? What do you look for? What do you offer them to bring them in? Do you source internally? Do you look on the outside? Do you start with your inner circles? Do you go on referrals? What do you choose? 

So, in any business or non-profit or any type of mission that you might have to implement some sort of change in the area that you see needs changing, it’s easy to be passionate and to jump into it and get started until you get to the point where you realize YOU NEED HELP. 

Once you realize you need help, you start realizing that you need to set aside a budget, because help doesn’t USUALLY come for free. Now, we’ll dig more into an exchange of services on another episode. But, in this episode,  we’re talking monetary compensation. 

One best practice that I personally have is that when I’m interested in adding someone into my talent pool, I’ll bring them in for what I call a “paid interview”. And, of course, if that paid interview seems to generate the types of talents and skills that I need to fit my projects, then I will bring that contractor into a paid training role and ultimately assign them a project budget. 

However, what do you do once you get to that point and the project just isn’t moving along as quickly or as seamlessly as you expected? What do you do? So, that’s really the question of the day.

 What to do when you’ve hired in help, but you don’t know how to push your people to be on track with your metrics, your goals, and your vision? Do you offer incentives? Do you just start looking for a replacement? How do you keep the project moving along? 

Again, being one person, one can only do so much. How do you mobilize your team to carry your vision and your mission onward so that you can continue to expand in what you’re doing? 

Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to this message. And just know, that no matter where you are there we are too. 

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