Greene's Greens

Recently, I was able to sit down with Kellie Greene of Greene’s Greens and hear more about her mission – to grow the cleanest cannabis in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

She does so by implementing practices including making and utilizing living soil, mixing in Korean Natural farming methods, oh, and of course providing jobs for others when it’s a mutual fit.

The first thing Greene will tell you is that she is not a recreational cannabis user. She always had an affinity for gardening at home, even to the point of refusing to use any pesticides. To say that she has a green thumb would be an understatement.

Now, Greene has taken over a warehouse in Southside OKC where she continues to transform this space in the middle of a concrete jungle into the location where you can purchase the cleanest medical cannabis around.

Greene’s mission to create “clean cannabis” came from a desire to have a cannabis product without the add-ins of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or anything that doesn’t come from earth in its purest form.

CBD and THC help with inflammation and a number of other things such as pain.

The only way for Greene to be assured of this was to grow it herself. She aimed to do so in spite of the time commitment. She considers that this is more like brewing a “craft beer”. It takes time.

The surrounding community is intrigued by Greene’s efforts. For example she ferments new shoots of Johnson grass, local wild sunflowers, and also perennial hibiscus flowers.

Her advice for other growers is to, “Choose plants that contain attributes that you need. When that plant is fermented, it takes those positive attributes and adds it into your compost… You want to ferment things that grow around you so that whatever microorganisms or fungi grow around you… that’s what you need.”

When asked about any recreational cannabis use, Greene’s response was that she personally does a “therapeutic” dose of THC oil as a health supplement as a part of her daily nutrition routine. She thought it might be funny to take an edible “for science” one day.

We look forward to seeing Greene turn this into an animated short and share it with the world.

The Interview

SV: What are the Goals of the Company?

GG: The goal of Greene’s Greens is to grow terpene rich clean cannabis. I want to educate people on how they can accomplish the same.

SV: What are your personal objectives?

GG: Within the year, I would like to travel across the state to collect indigenous microorganisms. Oklahoma has 12 eco regions. I am sure people know Oklahoma has grass prairies, we also have hardwood and pine forests. There are swamps and a desert. The collections should be amazing.

SV:Tell me about the Future Plans for Greene’s Greens:

GG: I am getting my garden ready so that I can host Coffee and Cannabis. I want people to come together in a cannabis friendly environment to share growing techniques and whatever else people want to chat about.

We want to open a dispensary so that we can sell our products directly. I want to sell the products of other clean cannabis growers.

SV:Where are you Located?

GG:Greene’s Greens is located in Oklahoma City

SV:What’s the best way to contact you ?


SV:How many people are on your team?

GG:Right now, our team consists of four family members.

SV:What do you want your customers to get out of an experience with you?

GG:For the moment, we will sell our cannabis to dispensaries but when our own dispensary opens, we want patients to feel convinced they are dealing with knowledgeable staff. I want them to leave with the best cannabis Oklahoma has to offer, feeling enlightened and confident in the choices they made.”