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Steve Fox, long time cannabis advocate, fighter and lobbyist for legalization, beloved humanitarian, and policy change maker passed away suddenly on Monday, April 12th 2021, at the age of 53. 

Steve Fox helped change cannabis policies by starting to advocate for legalization when most other professionals steered far away from it. He was a trailblazer and had a vision for a safer world where people would not be prosecuted for their use of cannabis, and where cannabis was recognized for its many benefits. For over 20 years Steve Fox worked tirelessly to achieve that goal. 

Steve Fox was the lead drafter on Amendment 64, which legalized recreational cannabis in 2012 in Colorado. Legalization drastically helped to improve the lives of Coloradans and visitors by supplying a healthier alternative for recreation than alcohol. Amendment 64 accomplished the following:

  •  Helped cannabis users to obtain cannabis through a safer route
  • Created jobs for thousands of people
  • Decreased arrests for cannabis possession
  • Created community grants for education using cannabis tax dollars

Amendment 64 laid the groundwork for legalization and decriminalization throughout the country1.  

“Steve served as managing partner of VS Strategies since co-founding it in 2013, and he was a leader at Vicente Sederberg LLP since its formation in 2010. He joined the Marijuana Policy Project in 2002, and was the first full time cannabis lobbyist on Capitol Hill. He co-founded Safer Alternative For Enjoyable Recreation (SAFER), and in 2009, he co-authored the book “Marijuana Is Safer: So why are we driving people to drink?,”  which was based on the philosophy of SAFER. 

He helped to establish several of the nation’s most influential cannabis trade organizations including the National Cannabis Industry Association, the Cannabis Trade Federation, and the U.S. Cannabis Council. Steve Fox was often a featured guest at conferences related to cannabis nationwide. He worked tirelessly to pass Amendment 64 in Colorado in 2012. In 2013 Steve received a highly esteemed award from the Drug Policy Alliance in recognition of his long-term spearheading of the Colorado legalization effort.

Steve lived his life according to the “Jewish philosophy “Tikkun olam”—to “repair or heal the world” through beneficial and constructive acts,” and he did just that2.

Steve Fox is survived by his wife and daughters, there is a gofundme to help support the family at this difficult time. 


To Coloradans that use cannabis or work in the industry, and cannabis advocates around the world, Steve Fox was a hero that helped make our lives better and he will be missed. 


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