paperboat charting a new course on a woodent tabletop

[And you will find your content]

You have an ebook idea. Or a short film. Perhaps, you have a watercolor masterpiece waiting to burst from within. Is your passion project a how-to? Forming a non-profit organization? Depicting a childhood story in the theatre? The launching of an innovative business idea? The publication of an investigative report?

No matter the content, you will want to make sure that your words, imagery, and additional attributes reflect the type of message that you are sharing. 

Do you know if your theme will be fact or fiction? An autobiography, of sorts – or a memoir? Are you here to entertain? To educate? To inspire? To cause one to think deeply? To bring healing through laughter?

Whatever you do, don’t emulate. The world needs YOU to stand out as authentically as possible. What unique expertise, story, or twist do you bring into life? OWN that. And don’t be afraid to wield it as a weapon as you make your debut. 

There’s a population of people waiting on the other side of your idea. You were created to create. I challenge you.