Tell a Visual Story!

So, you got to know your target audience. As a result, your content really came together. Now, it’s time to plan your graphics.

Do you have a logo? Header font that you want to include? Is video a piece of your content strategy? Are drawings necessary? Or will you need lots of diagrams, illustrations, or photos?

It’s good practice to write out all of your text material ahead of setting up the design pieces of your project. This sets the mission and direction for the rest of your story. The visual story.

Knowing your content and having it outlined appropriately takes pressure off of your shoulders. The writing is done, so the imagery should be easier to define and align with your end-goal.

Planning ahead frees up time and space for the creative process. It’s your story. Take charge of it. Own it.

It will make it easier to communicate the project needs to your team. Sometimes, that team may feel just like “me, myself, and I”. However, no matter the size of your team, being pro-active will save you time, money and frustration along the way.