Christina Morillo

I have recently discovered that I can be pretty emotional.

I did not realize that I liked to maintain a certain level of being busy in life as a means to avoid dealing with some personal topics that are close to my heart. Since I’ve had to be a bit more sedentary over the past month, I’ve cried a lot more lately than usual.

The flood of emotions started to peak my curiosity, so I wanted to know what statistics had to say about the majority of people’s mental states and emotions:

  • how they have been impacted over the past year or two, and
  • what coping outlets were being utilized the most.

I was not surprised to find news and statistics on increases in overdoses from people seeking to self-medicate. 

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 81,000 fatalities occurred from May 2019 until May 2020. This is the  “highest number of overdose deaths ever recorded in a 12-month period”.

These overdoses were largely caused by opioids, particularly a synthetic opioid by the name of fentanyl. Users tend to be attracted to the rapidly-onsetting and short-term euphoric effects that opioids falsely promise.

Opioids are also responsible for seizures, a dangerous drop in blood pressure, and ultimately death. 

Instead of self-medicating with alcohol, opioids, or other substances to numb whatever physical or psychological pain, what if you could contact a registered nurse that could help you with something more natural?

Leaf411 offers a nurse support hotline where you can speak to a cannabis trained nurse. Callers can get educated on cannabis or get access to cannabis suppliers, medical providers, and more.

The cannabis-trained nurses on the hotline will answer any questions that callers have about cannabis, which includes discovering the differences between different types of hemp and CBD.

This service is available via telephone and online chat. It has been designed to give people access to highly-skilled cannabis nurses during their current hours of operation: Monday through Friday from 8am-7pm Mountain Time. Weekend telephone appointments are also available by request. 

In a world where friends and family are dealing with their own dilemmas, do not be discouraged if you reach out to someone and feel turned away. Do not let that cause you to shut down. With a world of information at our fingertips, even the internet can give us a phone number where help will be just one short phone call away.