Throughout recorded history, we have seen people pick various crops as a way of making a living or just to provide food for their tables. From produce, cotton, legumes, and more, agriculture is a main source of commerce in the United States. In modern society, there are locations in which a visitor can pick their own items from a farmer’s field as a way of taking a part in the process commonly known as agritourism.

Now you can add hemp to that list of pick-and-carry commodities. Farmers open their fields to the public to participate in the picking, learn about hemp and the growing process, as well as enjoy some of the festivities related to the harvest.

Some of these farmers create and sell their own products from the hemp they grow. Others turn it into a celebration featuring food, drinks, and music, complete with a hemp maze! Fun for the whole family!

Is This Legal?

Thanks to the passing of the 2018 United States Farm Bill, industrial hemp cultivation is federally legal, not to mention being a versatile crop. Crops are usually harvested in late August to mid-September. This allows time to open the fields to agritourism, build a maze, line up entertainment and vendors and educate the masses on the benefits of hemp in society. Finally, the farmers can reap the remaining hemp for its fiber rather than seeds, which leads to less waste and allows the farmers to add extra profit from the excess crop instead of losing money on plants that have no beneficial use in product development.

While farming is not an easy job, the growth of the agritourism concept has added more financial opportunities than ever before. Keep an eye out in your local area to see how you can join in on the hemp harvest.