This week we sat down with Git Cannabis contributor Amberdawn to put a spotlight on her by asking a few key questions.

 What is your connection to cannabis ?

Cannabis has always been present in my life. My biological mother went to jail when I was 4 years old on drug charges. I knew what a roach was long before I met my first DARE Officer. Many of the people I cared about ended up going to jail for cannabis possession and or distribution. Drug charges prevented them from some scholarship access to furthering their education and forced them into low paying jobs.  I’ve witnessed from an early age how the system targets certain populations more than others and always had a strong desire to change how cannabis was viewed in the U.S. During the early 2000s I volunteered with several Non Profits to gather testimonies of other people using cannabis for medical purposes and presented those testimonies to help change the laws surrounding cannabis.

I started using cannabis when I was 13 to help with the chronic pain I was already experiencing and have been using it to manage my pain levels for 26 years. Cannabis has multiple uses for me, not strictly medicinal. I do not drink or take any pharmaceuticals, not even aspirin so even when I want to recreate, cannabis is my go to.

Top 3 movies ? 

Friday, Braveheart, FernGully

Tell us what you like to do in your free time?

In my free time I like to continue to develop my skills. Working on my music, poetry, and taking photos of the environment are a few of my passions. You can often find me taking long hikes with my camera. This is especially true during the warmer season and in regions with lots of bees. Bees are an essential part of the ecosystem and I enjoy watching them and growing a bee friendly garden. I also really love pinup modeling. 

If you could travel anywhere in the world right now where would you go first ?

I would go to Amsterdam to see the Cannabis Cup so I could have a better understanding of how the industry got so big and taste some strains I may never have access to.

Joint, Blunt, Bong, Edible or all of the above?

When it comes to cannabis there’s no wrong way to ingest. I’m a bit of a purist and don’t think tobacco of any kind pairs well with my weed so I shy away from the blunts unless wrapped in a hemp wrap. I love my bong but sharing bongs kind of grosses me out so when it comes to sharing herb I’m a joint kind of gal. I also enjoy my joints with long walks on the beach or laying on my back watching the bees. My Gandalf is my go to for smoking alone, it makes me feel like a wizard and hits like a steamroller. Edibles are great for any stomach or menstrual issues. I have heavily relied on edibles in the past for cramps, so to answer your question, all of the above. 

What do you see for the future of the cannabis industry ?

So fresh and so green green. 

As long as States continue to push towards legalization, voters stay informed and show up in favor of decriminalization, and recognition of the vast benefits of cannabis continues to be validated through scientific means then the future of cannabis is limitless.  

Although if we the people do not stay informed, vote, and grow sustainably then history shows we could lose this industry to big corporations and governing bodies. 

My hope is to soon see cannabis use legal for all people over age 21, and legal for all ages in medical conditions when appropriate.

I would love to see hemp farms all over the country and to see hemp being used not only for it’s medicinal and manufacturing properties but also to help with toxic cleanups of contaminated soil.

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