While traveling recently, I noticed that a local gas station had a plethora of CBD beverages available on the shelf. So, you […]
In comparison, you may notice that these two words, Equity and Equality, mean nothing alike. There meanings are rarely ever seen or […]
When it comes to comedy, the Belushi family are legends. From acting to singing and everything in-between, Jim Belushi is a force […]
For years, I have been doing research on how the consumption of different types of foods such as black beans, coffee, and […]
We are fortunate to live in a society where we have access to items such as groceries, prepared food items, packaged/bottled water, […]
Recently, I had quite the time looking to restock my Delta 8 vape cartridges since pending cannabis legislation was raging about the […]
Rapid legalization of both recreational and medicinal marijuana, has capitalized the cannabis industry. With this, we also see an increase in the […]
CBD is now the superstar ingredient in any new product on the market, from beverages, food, and snacks to personal lubricants! Yet, […]