Melanie Lim

Rapid legalization of both recreational and medicinal marijuana, has capitalized the cannabis industry. With this, we also see an increase in the growing trend of cannabis infused edibles including beverages, snacks and baked goods.

Even though the FDA has yet to determine the legal status of Cannabis infused food items, we see that people are quite comfortable with this idea.  Which is why the major stakeholders around the world are ready to invest.

The idea of introducing cannabis to culinary experience has its pros and cons. It may seem an innovative way to consume cannabis in a delicious way, but it may also increase the risk of intoxication (just like excess alcohol use). 

The beverage industry has also started to actively monitor the cannabis landscape and may offer your favorite soda, or drink, infused with different strains of cannabis.

Cannabis Beverages

Companies like Coca Cola, Pepsi and Starbucks seem eager to join the “cannabis gold rush”, but are most likely waiting for federal legalization.

Similarly, the beer/wine/alcohol industry also seems to be equally interested.

A California based wine company, Cannavines, has released two fine wines: Red Blend and Chardonnay.  These wines are infused with CBD rich cannabis strains called Head Band and Sour Diesel. CBD Winery also offers alcohol-less wine infused CBD. 

Culinary Cannabis

You can now also find various cannabis restaurants that offer your favorite meals infused with cannabis. Not only this, you can easily find cannabis infused baked items such as brownies, sauces, snacks and candies.

One of the more popular cannabis infused snacks are gummies. They contain a definite quantity of cannabis and can be enjoyed at any time of the day. 

The internet also offers numerous blogs and courses where Cannabis users teach you how to cook cannabis infused meals.  You can easily find the recipes of Cannabis infused items like:

  • Butter
  • Sauces
  • Jams
  • Coffee, etc.

What the Future Holds

From hippie to haute, we are trying to normalise the use of Cannabis in our daily life. If you are using Cannabis for medicinal purposes, it makes it easier for the patients to intake Cannabis.

However, there is still a lot of risk involved in using these exciting Cannabis infused food and beverages.  They will eventually become easily available once it’s FDA regulated and fully legalized.

Just like alcohol and other intoxicating agents, marijuana consumption should also be monitored at all levels to make sure everyone is safe from the consequences of misuse and overuse. In the meantime, enjoy your home-made cannabis drinks and food!