Ela Olofsson

A new player has emerged in the field of hemp plant derivatives. For a while, it seemed that CBD was the harbinger of it’s time.

However, the emergence of Delta 8 is a game changer for those seeking the medicinal benefits of hemp with a semi-psychoactive sensation comparable to the “high” brought on by the chemical makeup of the THC found in the marijuana plant. Delta 8 can be found in many locations where CBD products are sold, and in some states where marijuana (medicinal and/or recreational) has not yet been legalized.

Coming from the hemp plant, CBD was initially scrutinized, but has been shining in its glory as a super-hero plant in recent years. An additional benefit to CBD – for those in favor of its medicinal use – is that it contains no Delta 9 THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). This means that there are no euphoric effects like those familiar to the users of marijuana, nor can one fail a drug test for using CBD.

Interestingly, Delta 8 appears to offer a middle ground between CBD and Delta 9 THC. Common experiences of users of Delta 8 include an improved emotional state, increased happiness, relaxation, and of course the notorious munchies. Thankfully, Delta 8 users also report a reduction in the occasional paranoia experience attributed to marijuana. Keep in mind however, that users of Delta 8 can still fail a traditional marijuana drug screen (even though Delta 8 is legal).

The hemp plant and its derivatives has been used across the years to alleviate symptoms related to common ailments such as anxiety and depression. CBD has even been scientifically proven to reduce the impact of epileptic seizures in early childhood. This is one of many research components in favor of the further legalization of the hemp plant and its derivatives.

Since this topic is always on a slippery slope of an ever-changing political climate, stay up-to-date with pending legislation regarding hemp and marijuana.


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