Samantha Gades

I have found myself intrigued by the sheer number of cannabis conventions scheduled in the United States for 2021. They boast tremendous learning opportunities ranging from the delicacies of THC extraction, cannabis-infused pairings for wedding receptions, and information sessions for analysts, businesses, and investors in the cannabis and hemp industries. Below, I’ll detail which conventions I plan to attend along with my reasons why.

First on my radar is the apple of my eye – New York. The empire state has made great strides in its legalization of marijuana just this year alone. Recreational marijuana possession and usage are now legal. Home growing is just one more benefit to the multi-faceted cannabis laws that have come alive in New York. These advancements draw New York to the top of my list for canna cons happening this year. Be watchful however, some web postings list this event in May. The event is actually taking place in early November.

In my work with Set Design and Event Planning, I am often asked for resources for those seeking destination weddings, birthday parties, and weekend excursions. Enter the Cannabis Wedding Expo slated to take place in Las Vegas during late August. The event setup itself is sure to be divine. Here, you can learn how to incorporate cannabis into any your upscale events – not just weddings. They showcase hemp wedding dresses, cocktails infused by CBD, and provide a listing of cannabis-friendly luxury services. Whether you are getting married or not, this event is a must-have experience for Event Planners of any style.

Ultimately, I’ll find myself traveling internationally to scope out the top cannabis conventions of the world. I look forward to the wealth of information I’ll discover in this booming industry. There is something for everyone. All you have to do is a quick internet search and you will find an ever-growing list of cannabis convention happenings in the world around you. As with all things, check local updates for events postponed and cancelled by COVID19. Until next time!


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