Terre di Cannabis

Did you know transplanting can destroy your cannabis plant in the process?

It all started with my cucumbers.  Within 8 days of planting, it was already time to look into transplanting them into bigger pots.

I’ve been doing some personal research about knowing when to transplant my seedlings into larger containers so their roots don’t become damaged due to lack of growing space underneath the soil.

Naturally, this got my mind wondering as I began to fantasize about what transplanting will look like for me when (if ever) cannabis growing for personal use becomes legal in Texas. 

There are many considerations to take into account when container gardening.  

Tools and Resources

In my research, I came across many tools and resources for different types of growing pots and containers. Sidenote, I stumbled into information about growing cannabis in shipping containers.

For me, I personally utilize whatever I can recycle as starter planters. All of my plants eventually end up in 18 gallon plastic totes that can be found at nearly any general store.

How many times should you replant?

It’s important to note that cannabis plants often need to be transplanted on more than one occasion.

Way of Leaf even recommends starting out by planting in a standard disposable cup.  Eventually, you’ll transplant to a larger container when “the leaves reach the edge of the  pot.”

Transplanting seedlings as they grow is important because plants that don’t have enough space for their roots to grow underneath the soil won’t survive. Just be sure to be gentle with your plants during the transplantation process so that you can avoid damaging the roots and losing plants due to death by transplant shock.

Personal Experiences

My own indoor herb and vegetable garden is what drives my research.  There are a variety of problems that one can come across, but there are also solutions to those problems that will create the best growing habitat for my plants.

I, for one, am eagerly waiting for the day that growing cannabis becomes legal for individuals in Texas. Mark my words, I will be the first to raise my hand and give it a go.