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Recently, I had quite the time looking to restock my Delta 8 vape cartridges since pending cannabis legislation was raging about the likelihood of a vape pen mail ban.

This severely limited my mail-delivery options, and caused me to head into one of my local shops to re-up. I trust the quality of what I purchase at my chosen shop, but I am not a fan of the price tag. 

I can have three vape cartridges for the price of one when ordering online. As you can imagine, this got me out exploring. 

I ended up not far down the road from home at a gas station where I actually encountered something labeled as Delta 10 THC.

Since my latest discovery of Delta 8, I was already living on cloud nine. Well, now I have found Delta 10. A quick internet search led me to ACS laboratory and the  idea that Delta 10 boasts similar effects to Delta 8, but is actually CBD in its chemical makeup. 

I was absolutely elated to discover this and immediately shot out messages to my Delta 8 loving friends. I purchased a container of Delta 10 flowers, as well as a vape pen cartridge, determined to become a guinea pig for my own scientific research.

In less than a week, I found myself advising against the purchase of this product until further notice. I felt like I was beginning to develop headaches that were not normal for me. I also noticed a tightness in my chest, as well as a new cough after usage.

I did not experience any negative side effects when using Delta 8. 

We have all seen fads come and go in the pre-legalization and fake marijuana arena (who remembers K-2?). As always, I always encourage due diligence and much research prior to trying anything.

Readers, you can take my word for it. Leave Delta 10 where it was before I wrote this article – unknown. It’s not worth your time.