The American Veteran. Everyone knows one or has a relative who is or has served in one of our armed forces. The question is, “Do you really know the struggles they face?” Many of them suffer with severe medical conditions, such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and cancer. While the Veterans Administration tries desperately to provide treatment, they are not fighting a fair fight. Medical marijuana is currently used in the public sector across 34 states with highly successful results. However, veterans are being denied access to the same treatments afforded everyone else. This is where the Veterans Cannabis Project or VCP comes in.

Founded by former Navy SEAL, Nick Etten, the Veterans Cannabis Project has one driving objective: To advocate, educate and support the efforts of allowing medical marijuana to our veterans. Whether by educating our policy makers or speaking on our behalf to Washington, VCP has made a tremendous effort to promote the legalization of medical marijuana to all of our veterans. 

Featured in numerous news publications and partnered with businesses and politicians nationwide, the Veterans Cannabis Project is making monumental strides in making a case for veteran’s health reform. With all that the VCP does, they can always use your help. As an advocate, partner or just sharing with others via social media, the Veterans Cannabis Project would appreciate your support. You can go online to sign their petition to legislature for legalization at

Awareness is the first step and, with it, you too can be a beacon of hope.